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Dont give up your day dream

I'm sitting here still sweaty from my U-Jam class even though I already showered and now my clothes are totally sticking to me. I guess it's nothing a hairdryer, blanket and the heater wont fix :) It reminded me though of how amped I am for 2017 and just overall grateful to be right her, right now. We've got just about everything moved in to our new house here in CA; I've begun decorating in my mind, the kids school and daycare are taken care of and I've finally got my core workouts scheduled. All I feel right now is a sense of relief with excitement running through my veins. It feels good, real good.

I'm not sure if I have told you about U-Jam before, but it is an incredible dance fitness program with sick dance beats from all over the world. I'm crazy addicted to the feeling I have when I'm in my groove and couldn't be more excited to be back under the instruction of my main girl Jollene. A couple of years ago I challenged myself to become an instructor, I did it and am stoked that I did, but I think from here on out, I will leave the instructing to the real pros! Anyway, Jollene always has positive vibes she sends out to her class and today, as our last class together for 2017, she encouraged us to never stop giving up on our dreams. Keep them realistic, but never stop dreaming... this marinated in my head a little. What are my dreams and aren't I already living 'the dream' with a loving family and career doing something I love? Wouldn't it be selfish of me to really want anything more? But she said 'Don't stop' and I can't stop, there is still so much that I want to achieve. And simply because I love what I do, doesn't mean every part of it is actual physical work. And what about the pressure us artists hold on us? Yes, we were given a talent, but what a burden it is constantly trying to be better than your last creation? How heavy is the pressure when your love, your passion, your art, is what pays your bills. As artists so much of what we do is a reflection of our current mood or state of mind. We incorporate our lives into our creative vision, we use pieces we've picked up along the way to create what we create. Art, it's an ever-evolving and no matter how much of it consumes us, it's up to us to continue evolving too.. to keep dreaming and reaching and turning those dreams into a reality.

I do still have a lot of dreams for myself and for my career, often those two things are entwined, but not always. And I don't want to stop, I can't stop. I hope this little tidbit might inspire you too, to never stop dreaming and going after your dream, whatever that may be. Maybe you've lost a little part of yourself along the way as life often takes over and we tend to go straight into auto-pilot. Let's take a few moments to breathe it all in, clear all the clutter and find that little piece of ourselves we've been missing. We are super excited about things to come in 2017 and welcome you into our plans! I can't wait to create more and I can't wait to see what you bring into 2017!

Manifest that shit!!

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Featured on Inspired By This

We are thrilled to see my baby sister Lindsay's 'Happy Hour' Bridal Shower featured on the Inspired by This Blog! Click Here to see the FEATURE!
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Published | little bit magazine

Came home to a sweet surprise in my inbox from Little Bit Magazine letting us know that not one, but two of our editorial shoots made it in their adorable and super savvy magazine! Both features were designed by my BFF Jennifer Bishop of Jennifer Bishop Design. Te first being the ultra chic and very unique black, white, and yellow nursery she designed for her daughter Sydney's room. The second project was something I was quite impressed with - a Winnie The Pooh themed Baby Shower that embraced all the things we love about Winnie the Pooh without making it cheesy! Quite a talented lady she is! Check out the Little Bit's latest issue {HERE}!

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The Rude Family | lifestyle shoot

Working in the wedding industry has given me the opportunity to make friends with people whom I can share the love of design, art, and events with. It's so fun to collaborate on things together, share ideas and inspire one another. PJ is one of those friends :) Pj is sort of a new to the business, but I admire that she has already been able to make her own footprint in this industry. I think her business {milk glass vintage rentals} is a brilliant idea and add elements that us photographers, designers, and couples crave. We've gotten to work on a few projects together (coming soon!), but she also was a big contributor at my baby shower. To show my appreciation, we gave her the Maria Chang treatment and took her and her boys out for a little family shoot. And of course we need to include a few of her vintage rental pieces! When shooting families, I try to not put a ton of pressure on getting the perfect pose. I want the little ones to enjoy themselves because the minute they think they are supposed to act a certain way, they resist! I love how Mason just played with us, he's full of personality and kept us entertained throughout the shoot.

Thanks guys! Cant wait to do it again!

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I have a few events that we did last year that have yet to be blogged! The first being my little sweetie and best friend Jen's daughter, Sydney's first birthday party! Us ladies have a tough time not going crazy with our events - we tried real hard to keep things simples and I think we succeeded! Except for the fact that we had over 60 people at our house! When Scott and I purchased our first home 2 years ago, one of the things we loved about it was the open space to host parties. So when Jen asked to use our house for little Sydney's first birthday bash, we were delighted!

For those of you who don't know, Jen is a designer of interiors and events. She also is obsessed with little dogs - or as I call them, dumb little dogs! (that's just my little pet name for them!) She has a Boston Terrier, but originally she wanted a wiener dog... For her baby shower, one of our design elements was a silhouette of a Boston Terrier {Click Here to view her Designer Baby Shower}. For Syndey's {aka Sydney Bean, or The Bean, or Beans..} birthday party, Jen decided to make the theme for this backyard bbq Wiener Dogs! So we had hot dogs with all the fixin's for lunch, Sydney wore a custom wiener dog onesie and tutu made with love by Grandma, we designed little coloring books with dog bone shaped crayons, chocolate covered pretzel sticks for favors, a bubble bar outside for the kids to play with, and to top it all off, my mom {and dad} made the coolest wiener dog cake out of cupcakes! so cute!!!!

For more info on Jen's interior and event designs, visit

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