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Coutour Boudoir Sessions

I wanted to introduce this shoot with the unveiling of my new boudoir site, but between shooting, processing, album designing, blogging... Oh and spending quality time with my sexy husband, I haven't been able to squeeze it in. So, the new boudoir site will be here soon! Until then, enjoy some gorgeous images from one of our recent Couture Boudoir Sessions! Maria Chang of PMA and I have teamed up to offer this one of a kind photo shoot to pamper you and leave you looking and feeling fabulous! The shoot is 3 hours long in the privacy of your own home and consists of 3 hair and make-up design changes. The session also includes our custom Couture Sexy Book - a 9x12 vertical book for you to admire for the rest of your life! Well and to give to your lovey as the BEST GIFT EVER too!

Please note that the images we have selected to show here are intended to be somewhat anonymous and hide the identity of our sexy lady. All images have been cleared approved by her.
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