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Melvin and Naroth get married!

Melvin and Naroth had such a fabulous wedding in San Francisco and the bridal party was so much fun to work with! We had about an hours to shoot around Golden Gate Park between the ceremony and the reception. I got to play a little and just LOVE what we came up with! Melvin and Naroth are such a great combination together, Melvin is very outgoing and wild, while Naroth is a little more quiet and classy. Melvin makes her laugh and Naroth fills his heart, I'm so honored to have the opportunity to capture the connection they share.

Melvin & Naroth married 08.09.08

Ceremony: St. Anne of the Sunset Church, San Francisco

Reception: The Stanford Court, A Renaissance Hotel, San Francisco

Flowers: By Miss Naroth herself!!!

Cake: The Cakemaker, Chef Bala

Entertainment: DJ V8
A Moment Like This sung by Miranda Paulos
Hula, Te Mau Tamari'i A Tiare/Na Kamalli'i A Kiele
Lighting, Northern Lights

Aren't Naroth's eyes INCREDIBLE?!? I love them.

Um. More shoe envy...

As crazy as Melvin his, he also has such a sweet sensitive side. I love this image.

And the crazy bridal party! Lots of fun to pay with.

The guys were, well, very entertaining. Throughout the day they would chant "Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen,...". Here's one example of them chanting and snapping and bouncing toward me. I had a hard time keeping the camera up to my eye because they were making me laugh so hard!

And More of Melvin being Melvin.

The next two shots are my FAV!

lol. Yes, more of Melvin.

I adore this image of the two of them.

The cake was perfection!

After the Hula show, they brought up Melvin to show off some of his moves. The next two images are priceless.

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Couture Boudoir Winner!

Earlier this year, Maria and I showcased at the Promises and Pearls event in San Francisco. We decided to go in together for the raffle prize and offered a boudoir session with hair and make-up. This was what started our Couture Boudoir Sessions! Out lucky lady won a 3-hour session with custom hair and make-up for each outfit. She completely rocked it and allowed us to post a little teaser for the blog!

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Jaime & Dave Part II

OK! Jaime and Dave's Part II of their fabulous outdoor wedding! As soon as I get a little more info, I will share with you the wedding vendor details. One thing I learned about outdoor weddings in Napa is BRING BUG OFF! I was getting eaten alive and then I found some Off! wipes - it was a life saver!

A few relaxed shots of the bride and groom...

The property is surrounded by gorgeous olive trees, I love how Jaime used olive accents to carry the theme out. She used raffia to tie live branches around each napkin.

When Jaime first showed me her idea for a favor, I totally turned my nose up... I really do not like green olives and I questioned why she thought that a jar of green olives was a good idea to give to people. Yuck! {sorry green olive lovers} After I made a fool of myself, she told me they were chocolate covered almonds made to look like green olives. I instantly was in love with the idea! Aren't they so cool??? It's really rare that you can find original favors and I love this idea! Well executed Jaime!

I love this shot of Jaime's parents dancing!

I finally found someone that loves to dance as much as Scott does! Dave is a very cool dude, but also a very goofy dude, which makes him very entertaining ! This shot makes me laugh every time look at it.

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Jaime & Dave Part I

After Ben & Lisa's wedding, I headed up to Calistoga for my good friend, Jaime's and her new husband Dave's wedding celebration. It was wonderful getting to see more familiar faces and meet new friends as well. In the past I've had a policy about photographing friend weddings for a variety of reasons. For one, mixing business with pleasure doesn't always end up peachy. Secondly, I never wanted anyone to feel obligated to hire me and for a selfish reason, I wanted to enjoy myself! I would still bring my camera along and shoot the events unobtrusively and later give them a handful of images as a little wedding gift. After realizing how many of my friends were actually disappointed in whom they had hired, I sort of had an epiphany - No one is going to care more about their wedding day images than I am! And this is something that if they really want, I am honored to give.

So here is the first part of Jaime and Dave's wedding day. It was absolutely gorgeous! This being my second wedding in the Napa Valley on Private Residences - alI I can say is - I love weddings on private residences! Vendor details to come! Enjoy!

I just love this intimate moment!

Jaime and her little niece, Angela and I love this shot of Jaime and her mom.

I knew from the first time I met him, that Dave was the one. I love the way her looks at her.

I was excited they decided to take my advice and shoot the formal portraits outside ofthe church rather than inside. The church was so beautiful and I will take outdoor light over indoor light any day of the week!

Here's the girls. With such crazy lives, we only get to get together a few times a year, but when we do it's like nothing has changed! The one thing I miss about shooting a friend's wedding is that I don't get to wear a cute sexy dress!

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Ben & Lisa Part II

I didn't have a chance to mention how much fun I had at Ben & Lisa's wedding! Ben and Lisa had downplayed their wedding plans calling it "just a backyard wedding" and very casual. Umm, it was in Napa and amazing! Their event designer, Jennifer Stone did an incredible job creating Lisa's vision of vibrant colors and fresh embellishments.

I also got a chance to catch up with old friends that I hadn't seen since high school - like 12 years! It was so fun! This was the beginning to a very nostalgic weekend. Ben was not the first high school friend getting married this weekend. Go Grizzlies!

To start off, a sweet family pic then a little alone time with Ben and Lisa.

As we were walking back to the reception, we saw this awesome blue truck in a neighbors yard. Yay for vintage!

That SAME neighbor had this incredible patch sunflowers on the side of their driveway! Oh, and Napa locals are the coolest chill people I have met! they just hang out, enjoy evenings with friends and drink wine!

I love the combination of fruits or vegetables and flowers!

The Red Keg Cup. This was Ben's contribution to the party decor.

Ben's parents won the Anniversary Dance! I just love their expressions.

The Cal High Class of 94 crew:

Isn't this so beautiful?

And lastly, here I am with part of the gang at the end of the night. Good times. Thanks guys!

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