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Blu's Photographer of the year?!?!?

I am utterly tickled pink, excited, nervous, honored, and freaking stoked to be nominated as one of Blu Domain's Photographer of the Year for 2009-2010. I'm also flattered to be named amongst several other fabulous photographers, 2 of which happen to be good friends of mine, Augie Chang and Sarah Rhoads! Congrats you guys and thanks to Blu Domain for the nomination!

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Audrey Magazine {I got the cover!!!!}

First and foremost, I was completely blown away when I received a call from makeup artist and thi cosmetics owner, Taylor Pham, to collaborate with several other professionals for a shoot. Then when she informed me that it was for a potential magazine, I was really nervous and excited all at the same time. As if it couldn't get any better, I received an email message letting us know that we got the cover of Audrey Magazine's Bridal Issue! Woo-Hoo! My first Cover Shot! We ran out to all of the stores until my mom finally found it at a Borders in San Francisco. My mom was so excited she bought about 7 copies. When she got up in line to pay the cashier asked what the big deal was about the magazine to have so many copies, my mom gushed, my daughter is on the cover! The lady was in awe of how beautiful my mom's daughter was until my mom corrected herself and said "No, my daughter SHOT the cover".

Audrey Magazine | The Asian American Women's Lifestyle Magazine
Makeup by Taylor Pham, Thi Cosmetics
Hair by Umbrella Salon
Wardrobe Styling by Mimi Tran Rickett
Gowns provided by
Gabrielle's Bridal Atelier
Vintage Head Piece by Amy Kuschel
Jewelry by Janet Falkner
Shot at Saratoga Inn and Saratoga Mountain Winery
Floral Design by Nicole Ha
Model Lada Engchawadeshasilp
Photography by Jennifer Skog

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We've had lots of people asking us how our first Boudoir Workshop went and all we can really say is that we had an absolute blast! While maria and I a unsure of when or where we will be holding our next one, what we do know is that is will definitely be a 2 day workshop. We had way more stuff that we wanted to share and couldn't because it was just a one day event. But, with that being said, it was a success and we will definitely be doing another one in the near future. Please contact the studio to get on our mailing list for future announcements!

Below are a few shots of the workshop and without giving too much away, we have a video highlighting the workshop! While this wasn't limited to just women, we did have an all female group. Thanks so much ladies for opening your minds and letting us share what we love! We hope it was an inspiration for you!

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A Baby Shower

As most of you know from my previous post, taht my best friend, Jen, is pregnant with her very first baby. We are all really excited that our friend Jen, is going to have a baby girl in just a few short weeks! A couple of weeks ago, we threw Jen a Baby Shower. Jen is not your typical baby room decorator, she is an Interior Designer by trade, so she prefers little lady accessories to baby things, so she has chosen a palette of black, white and yellow for little Sydney's room. She found two special art pieces that using to accent the room: a black and white drawing of a boston terrier (her dog which she is OBSESSED with, Gabby) and a cute abstract piece of little purses. {See Below} The minute she showed me, I loved it! So I planned the shower around her design for Sydney.

I took a lot of inspiration from one of my favorite designers, Gloria Wong's French Whimsey themed wedding. I absolutely loved what she did, so I sort of did a mini version similar to it. This was how the dining area looked in my front room.

I found various different cups, vases and candle holders to paint white and use to hold flowers. We rented the chairs, table cloths, plates and glasses from Stuart Rental. My mom and I mixed her silverware and my silverware (which came from my grandmother) to give the tables a little more of an eclectic look. My mom and I designed, printed and stamped the labels ourselves.

Jen found these great buggies at Ross and decided to use them for Sydney's room. She said the minute she found them there were other ladies waiting for her to set them down, even a little girl was checking them out - so Jen was excited hoping that maybe it would be something Sydney would enjoy having in her room. She spray painted them black and let me use them for decoration! I just love them!

This shower could not have been made possible without two very special people, my mom and my dad. The three of us were working until about 1:30 the night before until I kicked them out because I couldn't take it anymore! lol Thank you Thank you Thank you Mom and Dad! Also those that helped out a TON were my husband Scott, my brother Rob, sister Linz, BFF A'Lisa and Jen's mom, Lauren. Thanks everyone!

We had an incredible menu! Mmmmm, it was really delicious! This is Watermelon Gazpacho made by Jen's mom, Lauren! It is so refreshing!

My good friend Karen of Fresh Bloom provided the flowers. Karen and Jen actually got married around the same time and met on theknot - Jen is the reason I even know Karen! Karen made these totally cute arrangements with white branches and yellow blooms. I have a bunch of crystals on hand from my own wedding and marketing supplies, so we used them to hang crystals from the branches.

The table runniner was made by Jen's mom, Lauren. The Fabric is Fabricut-Sheltering Sky in Onyx color which is sold by trade only. If you wish to purchase the fabric, you may contact Jen directly by {Clicking Here}

BTW - I finished my collage in the front room, do you like it?

Karen also made Jen this AMAZING flower purse to go with the theme. Everyone loved it! Jen took it home and was excited that it actually lasted a while!

My new studio manager. Mel helped me bake the cookies. They match the shape of her dog and purse pictures. To cut the cookies, I printed out a large version of her artwork and traced the lines with folded up foil and wire. I was able to cut out the perfect shapes! My mom helped me frost them. We used them as our favors!

Here's Jen! She liked her cookies if you couldn't tell!

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a few sexy ladies....

We have added a few new sexy ladies to our boudoir site! Go check it out! JENNIFER SKOG | boudoir

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