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The Adventures of Augie!!!

One of the greatest compliments is when another photographer asks you to photograph their family. For me, it's also EXTREMELY nerve-racking!!!! Why? Because I am a HUGE critic of my own work and I'm scared to death of disappointing my clients let alone fellow photographers!

I've gotten to hang out with fellow photographer, Augie Chang several times this year, but have never had the opportunity to meet his wife, May or their 2 sons. I must say that they compliment him very well! You know how some of your friends might act differently around you than they do in front of their spouses? Well, that couldn't be further from the truth with Augie. He is the same cool dude socially that he is in real life and I know it has a lot to do with the fact that his wife is so incredible!!!! They are perfect for each other and have such a genuine family. And the little ones... too cute!!!!

Thank you Augie for sharing your family with me, it was a complete honor and I'm very grateful for our friendship.

Augie wanted a few Sexy Skog shots of him and May. I don't think of the two words "Augie" and "Sexy" together very often, but throw May in there and I think we achieved a little sexiness :)

I had to throw a little bit of Vintage Vogue processing in there... And of course the infamous Augie Jump!

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Ben, Lisa, and Family

Let me start by saying that Ben and I went to high school together, he was actually the high school sweetheart of one of my best friends and a really good friend of mine as well. If People Magazine did a sexiest man alive issue for Cal High in 1994, Ben would have been on the cover. lol Sorry, I make myself laugh sometimes. But it's true - he was the stud muffin of our generation.

I was contacted several months ago by Ben's fiance, Lisa inquiring about wedding photography and unfortunately I was already booked. At the bottom of her inquiry under "How did year hear about us?" She simply typed Ben Manley :) Once I read that, I was instantly sad because I knew that I wouldn't be able to photograph his wedding. I sent her back a quick message letting her know I was already booked and congratulating her not only on her recent engagement but also finding love with one of the sweetest guys I know. The next day I got a personal call from Mr. Ben Manley himself. We chatted and got up to date with the on-goings of our lives for a bit, then came the reason for his call... "So, my fiance is in love with your work. What is it going to take to have you be our wedding photographer?" My response was "Change your date!" So they did!!!!! I couldn't believe it!

I told them that we needed to do a little mini shoot to meet and get a little more comfortable in front of the camera. So I met in their neck of the woods up in Napa and took a few shots of their family, Lisa's son Reid and Ben and Lisa's newest addition little Audrey! She is so cute, you just want to pinch her chubs all over!

OK enough talk, onto the pictures!

/What a sweet little face and such gorgeous eyes!!!

Little Miss Audrey

Baby detail!

I love it when babies realize that they can see their reflection in the lens, you get the cutest expressions of curiosity!

Had to get a shot in front of Manley Lane!

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NCPP Night School : Lifestyle Portraiture

I'm very excited to be contributing to this month's Night School for NCPP {Northern California Professional Photographers}. This month's night school includes three Tuesday night classes based on three different photographer's Lifestyle Portrait business. Tuition is $125 for all three classes ($155 for non-NCPP member). Class size is limited to 15 - so reserve your space now! Below is a brochure for more details!

For questions email Tom O'Connor

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Brittny & Jon

Last week I spent the afternoon with Brittny and Jon in the city. We started off at a special place of theirs - Luisa's, a quaint italian restaurant in the Marina/Cow Hollow District. We shot around there for a bit, then headed to the Pier for some romantic shots in Brittny's sexy dress. I warned them that the wind would be worse than what we were already dealing with because we will be on the water. Brittny said she will just have to tough it out for great pics! And she did! She was a total trooper, I could not believe it, it was probably the windiest conditions I've ever shot in - her hair was all over the place! After playing with the wind-blown effect, we decided to go some place a little warmer and less breezy - Downtown Walnut Creek! We were all going to end up there away! I had fun guys and can't wait for the wedding!

I told them to dance around and enjoy each other. Jon looks at me and says "we don't really know how to dance". I laughed and said it's ok, just pretend. Then suddenly he does this one-armed swing around - WHEW! Way to sweet her off her feet! I love it!

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Carrie & Eric

Scott and I met Carrie and Eric through mutual friends a few years ago. I actually remember when they first started dating. It was interesting to watch because Eric was courting the little sister of three older brothers! They had absolutely nothing to worry about because Eric is CRAZY about Carrie, I love watching the way they look at each other. Being that I knew part of the bridal party and many guests, we had a couple of funny stories that I'll share along the way.

Wedding Date: May 31, 2008

Color Scheme: Black and White

Ceremony & Reception: Poppy Ridge Golf Course, Livermore

Floral Design: East Bay Flower Company, Livermore

Videography: Slava Bosovich

Cake: Noland's Cake

DJ: Rob Mutzl,Amos Productions

So, while the ladies are running around getting beautiful, this is the typical state of the boys room. This shot was take right after tried to tell us to take NO shots of him with a beer in his hand. Uh, yeah right...

Carrie was stunning.

OK, so here goes... As you enter the golf course, the first hole is surrounded by about 10 feet of tall grass as seen in the image below. So, I wanted the guys to go up there for a cool dude shot. I told them to go up the little 10 foot hill and stand at the top in the bluff. Before they would go up there they said "But there might be snakes!?!" I laughed it off and told them to stop being wimps and get up there. I tried directing them of where to stand, but they just weren't getting it, so I marched up there and started moving them, suddenly, I turn to take a step down and as I put my foot down I see a 6 foot snake laying out in the grass! AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! SNAKE!!!!!!!! There was no movement, just me, running down the hill flailing my cameras around. As I caught my breath and turned around to look at the guys, they had hardly even had a chance to react, they hadn't even left their assigned positions. They just stood there and started laughing at me. "We told you!" I heard about it until the end of the night and I'm sure I will never live it down.... Just what I get for talking smack to the boys!

A tender moment shared before the ceremony with Carrie's dad and brothers.

The gorgeous bride.

The way he looks at her is just priceless.

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