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Linsey in bloom

Linsey and David are expecting twins in just a few short weeks! We actually shot these images at 6 weeks because she would get too big if she waited any longer, I think she it turned out perfect and can't wait to see the little ones! We started off doing a few casual shots around their home and in the yard. Linsey was unsure if she wanted to do any nude shots and I say "What do you have to lose?" If you don't like them, you dont' have to get them! She was easily persuaded and I am so happy about how they turned out. There is just something so gorgeous about a pregnant woman. Thank you for allowing me to share these images Linsey!

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Cousins. Cousins. Cousins. It was a big day for all of us. My cousins, Andria and Michael wanted a few snapshots of them with their lovies to give to my Aunt for Mother's Day. So of course, Team Skog does nothing short of a couple of shots! Since I am training my brother and (current second shooter) to be an associate photographer, I thought it would be good to get him out there to switch off with me shooting the individual couples. His debut is coming soon, but I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by his skill AND how much his images complimented mine! I guess him doing my post work and shooting by my side has paid off! ALSO - since my little sis just finished up cosmetology school and will be working with Maria Chang of PMA this summer, we thought we would give her a little practice by doing the girls hair and make-up for the shoot! What a talented little family I have, I must say :) Go Team Skog!

Besides it being over a hundred degrees outside and us all sweating up a storm, we had so much fun. I really miss my cousins and we should try do something like this more often! Later that night everyone joined us for a BBQ at our place, it was an awesome night full of laughter and fun.

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carla + brandon {engaged}

Carla and I go way back - she is my BFF's younger sister's BFF.. If that makes any sense! She scored big with Brandon as he is a really cool dude and puts up with all of us crazy ladies! We had a fun little shoot at Bridges n San Ramon where they will be getting married and another spot in the middle of no where :) Can't wait for another Cal High Wedding!!!! Congrats you guys!

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The Gala for Giving {Sunday, June 7th}

Ladies, I strongly urge you to come to the fabulous event! I will be showcasing some of my boudoir work and have donated a special boudoir shoot with the one and only Taylor Pham for the auction!

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surprise party: for my little sis

My younger sister just finished up cosmetology school and passed her state board exam so in effort to celebrate her latest accomplishment we decided to throw her a party! I've never thrown a surprise party, so I thought this would be a fun to do for her. We threw her off by telling her it was a House Warming Party for Scott and I. With the help of MANY family and friends, we were able to pull it off! It took weeks of planning, from Scott and my brother doing yard work, my dad and brother picking up the rentals, my mom and some of my best friends helping setup, decorate and prepare the food and we Lindsay's boyfriend Drew kept her busy all day! On top of that, Nicole Ha came out to provide some incredible floral arrangements, Maria made an awesome dish AND did my hair :), Mauricio was our bartender for the night, and Augie Chang even stopped by to take a few photos and share in some laughs.

She was genuinely surprised and I was so excited to have pulled it off with everyone's help. It was such a fun night and me and Scott got to have our first party in the new house!

First a few of the decor shots...

My brother Rob and I designed Lindsay a logo for new business cards, we incorporated it in the menu design.

I think this is where she actually realizes that this was for her...

Linz and a few of her BFF's

Me and my babe

The whole fam

A few of my favorite Nicaraguans!

Hair by the fabulous Maria Chang of PMA

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