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Exclusive Event: Una Bella Sera

Last year, I was lucky enough to participate in this Lush event put on by Amazae Special Events & Nicole Ha Designs (two of my favorite wedding professionals!). Together, Crystal and Nicole put on an incredible event with some of the most amazing displays I had ever seen! {Click Here} to view images from last year and see why this is something you just can't pass up this year!

To register for this event and view the work of some of the top wedding professionals in the industry, visit Una Bella Sera's website

I can't wait to see you there!
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Couture Shoot: Hang + Bruce

Before we left for New York, Maria and I photographed Hang and Bruce's Couture Engagement Session. Bruce owns the Foreign Cinema restaurant in the heart of the Mission in SF and I was so excited when they told me they wanted to shoot their for their engagement session. I have heard so many great things about this restaurant, but being that I usually get into the city for work or networking events, I hadn't gotten a chance to test it out! Well, it wasn't open just yet, but instead we got to take the behind the scenes tour which I think was even better (although, I've yet to taste the food, so that will probably change)! We started out in front where Bruce's son Alex, watched their new french bulldog pup and cracked jokes making fun of us. We decided to include him in a few shots too for some family fun!

Isn't he so cute? :)

The restaurant has an awesome gallery area where they feature different artists along the walls and play films on a huge screen overhead. This is the screening room upstairs - so cool, we just had to stage a few shots!

There are so many different areas of this place, I absolutely love it!

Laszlo, a multi level upscale bar is right next door and sort of an extension of the Foreign Cinema.

I also took a few shots of Bruce so he could use them for press releases and such.

Our last shot ended on the rooftop with the vintage movie boards as our backdrop. We had such a fun day and look at the weather! It was gorgeous!!!

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Couture Boudoir: Carisse {video}

Maria decided to purchase a Flip Video camera to document all of our Couture Shoots because they are so fun! She got her Flip just in time for Carisse's Couture Boudoir Shoot! Carisse was out of town for our Couture Tour to LA, so with flights being so cheap from LA to SF, she flew up here for a day of glamour and sexiness.

While sometimes I get a little annoyed with a camera in face all the time (ironic, I know), I must say that Maria has picked up videography and editing in record time. I was amazed at her first video and look forward to many many more - all I need to do now is lose some weight! You may recognize the couch shot in the beginning, we actually started out at Maria's home studio in Oakley and reenacted one of our favorite boudoir shots from last year. A million thanks to Carrise for letting us publish this shoot, we had an absolute blast!

We will be updating our Boudoir Site soon with more of her images. Stay tuned for more a video documenting our New York trip and Portland trip!
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Couture Shoot: Darrin + Jamie

Maria and I had so much fun getting to know Jamie and Darrin before their wedding! We started the day at Jamie's house getting her hair and makeup done by Maria and previewing their outfit selections for us to style the shoot. They selected the San Francisco's Legion of Honor, so we selected the more formal attire and colorful for such a majestic looking space.

Jamie had this awesome spring dress that we paired with a cool blazer of Darrin's. We really wanted a fresh, spring feel to our next outfit so we stopped off at a spot along the side of Golden Gate Park to shoot amongst the trees foliage. I just LOVE this set of images!

Lastly, we went for a bit more urban with their cute casual outfits! Jamie and Darrin - you guys rock!!! We can't wait for the wedding!

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Jen & Maria Take on NY!

We are back from a wonderful wonderful trip to New York! In the coming posts we will be sharing some highlights from our trip including a luscious couture boudoir, a sweet engagement session and hooking up with some fellow fab photographers! We also have a couple of Couture Shoots to share from before our trip, a video, and we are headed to Portland next Tuesday to photograph Babs and Russ, our contest winners.

Stay tuned!

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