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Join us in WPPI

Skog Live Boudoir Shoot in Vegas Promo Spot from andrew msv on Vimeo.

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Just a couple of spots left!

We have just a couple of spaces available for our upcoming live boudoir shoot workshop. Contact the studio to register!

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Just of couple of my sweetie...

Well here she is! Little Sydney, my best friend Jen's little angel. It so crazy seeing how fast they grow and develop little personalities. She's at that age that you always dream about; they are extra chubs, have a cute little laugh, the sweetest little touch and they can't quite run away form you yet! We know our days were numbered so we played around with our little model and Sydney's newest tricks! She turns 7 months in two days!

{Here she is on Day I}

Look who can sit up! This was a day that Jen had asked me to babysit, so she came over and Mel and I entertained her!

Her newest trick: sitting up, leaning forward, and getting into crawl position! uh-oh!

{P.S. look at those sweet little innocent eyes - don't let them fool you}

She grabs for everything and is just starting to realize what the word 'No' is and she's starting to not like it!

She is her mommies biggest fan.

And our sweet little guinea pig.

Getting ready! We are estimating just a couple more weeks before she is off! She wants to do what big people do!

hello beautiful.

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Couture Shoot giveaway Winner!

We are so grateful to be surrounded by so many generous people! With your help we raised over $2000 to aid those in need in Haiti. Thank you to everyone who participated!

And now, for the winner of our Couture Shoot Giveaway - Congratulations Molly Brennan!

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which lucky valentine?

Will get one of these for Valentine's Day? Give her what she really wants! A Couture Shoot! Whether its Boudoir, Lifestyle or a Couple shoot, she is sure to be head over heels in love with her gift!

Already had a shoot? Why not surprise her with a piece of art for your walls?

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