Oakstream Photography HOLY MACREL these are INCREDIBLE!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! 11.02.08, 4:18pm
Jasmine Wang Hi Jennifer, love the black and white shots! you are amazing. 10.29.08, 11:56am
Natasha Gorgeous portraits as usual. And I looove the shoe shot!!! 10.22.08, 11:47am
Jessica Fajardo Absolutely amazing pictures! Beautiful, just beautiful. 10.20.08, 8:38pm
Melissa Wow! What a gorgeous dress! I kust love the pictures. Especially the ones in the vineyard :) 10.20.08, 10:50am
Elizabeth I'm not a huge commenter...but I just want you to know that I can sooo see his love for her in these images - and that is the essence of your job; done extremely well. 10.20.08, 10:08am