Image Masking Service Oh ! very nice and romantic photography looking very sweet . 01.03.16, 2:38am
clipping path So excellent nice couple photo shoot looking awesome in such these natural place actually it's a beautiful scenery 11.26.15, 5:15am
Liondragoncustom Great!I love the tree road. 01.30.13, 12:05pm
JENNIFER SKOG Thank you everyone! 02.29.12, 2:48am
Fernando Colaço Fantastic technic. You know how to use the lens producing a beautiful final result. Your Blacks and whites are a beauty. Congratulations. Keep doing that. 02.26.12, 12:40pm
Maria These photos are AMAZING... You should publish these! 02.25.12, 11:12am
Sheila Sim This is one of the loveliest set of images I've seen for a while - beautiful setting, gorgeous light, and perfect compositions. I feel sorry for the photographer who fell ill and wasn't there to capture the day - but you've done a fantastic job in their place! 02.23.12, 2:31am
Hannah Mia These are stunning - the couple are gorgeous, the location is amazing and your photos...! Just perfect! 02.21.12, 5:18am
Heather whiting beautiful! 02.20.12, 2:28pm
Rachel Tatem What a beautiful job. I started to pick out a favorite but I don't know they are all so beautiful! 02.20.12, 9:33am