Clipping Path Photojournalism is a passionate occupation. Without the proper motivation it is not actually possible to obtain your main goal in this area. It is directly linked with third eye, that's the reason it is simply not an effortless task. 04.24.16, 1:56am
Clipping Experts Incredible intentional moment. The photography is fantastic. 02.23.16, 3:10pm
clipping path Very gorgeous photography looking awesome 11.22.15, 12:09pm
Bram Almost a year ago...time goes by so fast but Jen's work is timeless! 10.22.10, 4:47pm
Marcia Such wonderful pictures in a beautiful city! Amazing work. 10.17.10, 8:31am
Rafa Great pictures Jennifer, congrats to you and Maria! 05.03.10, 9:40am
rizzariz gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous! Italy, no less! Amazing job as always! 02.10.10, 8:53pm
alicia you are so amazing. these pictures are beyond words! 02.08.10, 9:22pm
jhosee masaki Love these-- Fantastic-- Rina and Bram--- can't wait to see some more --- Your assortment of pics look like a movie trailer ala Audrey Hepburn from "Breakfast at Tiffany". 02.06.10, 12:31pm
Crystal Le Mamoulelis Just breath-taking! So romantic! 01.28.10, 8:12pm
JessICA FAJARDO I LOVE the 2nd image (and of course all the other images) especially the texture you used...may I ask you where you purchased it? 01.27.10, 9:13pm
Heidi @ Zenadia These are absolutely stunning!! I especially love the one at the piazza in front of the Pantheon. You are such an incredible photographer!! 01.25.10, 2:18pm
KATIE When everything works in your favor (looks, style, Europe, photography, adoration, romance) this is the result. 01.22.10, 7:15pm
Virginia Peach That would be the Trevi Fountain. Fabulous shots, they took my breath away xx 01.21.10, 12:57am
Olivia Leigh Love these! just great. 01.20.10, 4:40pm
Natalie Holy Cow- the dynamic duo strike again! What a stunning couple! And you can't go wrong with Italian backdrops. Europe totally suits you and I won't be surprised when you are headed back for more...Can't wait to see some pics of you gals and your hubbies! 01.19.10, 1:50pm
Pamela What a whirlwind! Rina & Bram, you both look fantastic! Now you'll always have Paris AND Rome! 01.18.10, 5:01pm
imthiaz houseman oh wow, what a amazing shoot. so glad you were able to share this. thank you! :) 01.18.10, 4:21pm
Agnes K So SO utterly gorgeous! Rina and Bram with Rome as the backdrop make for a gorgeous couture shoot! Wonderfully done! 01.18.10, 11:10am
Sandra Beautiful pictures, no other words needed! I'm glad to have R+B in my life, theyre such great persons. 01.18.10, 3:47am
Michelle Lee Rina & Bram look absolutely stunning! As always, your work is truly amazing Jen! 01.18.10, 12:45am
lizee Ive been waiting for this post!! Rina had posted about her magical e-session at the PW forums. I literally cried while reading about Bram's romantic surprise. These pictures brought me to tears again. Their love is so transparent through your pictures. BIG kudos for capturing this shoot so perfectly.! 01.18.10, 12:28am
Trish Absolutely breathraking - what an experience!! She has an amazing wardrobe for travel!!! 01.17.10, 10:52pm
Amanda The last few shots with her in the white trench coat are SO Audrey Hepburnesque- love them! Incredible pictures- and both of them look like professional models. :) 01.17.10, 8:47pm
Jackie OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this shoot! BEAUTIFUL!!! Its the Trevi Fountain. :D I miss Rome! 01.17.10, 8:19pm
mj WOW!!!! So happy for you Rina & Bram. You're incredibly lucky to have each other. Love you both! 01.17.10, 7:44pm
Kayla Oooooohhhh! I LOVE these! What a dream! 01.17.10, 7:08pm
Jacqueline <3 Rina and Bram! What a gorgeous couple! 01.17.10, 6:59pm
Brittney Scheer Beautiful pictures Jen! Wow what a dream to have pictures there! That is (I believe) the Trevi Fountain! Beautiful work as always. 01.17.10, 6:58pm