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Maria Chang's Couture Boudoir!

To honor Maria and her husband's 20th wedding anniversary, Maria and I decided to give her a Couture Boudoir! This was a shoot where we wanted to try a few new things that we hadn't done too much of, specifically play with a flash I had dug up (quantum q flash) and shoot in a shower. Maria decided she wanted a lot of moody, dark and sultry images so she named her shoot theme {Noir} and wore black for each look. We had so much fun, the shoot lasted over 12 hours! To help out I brought my sister Lindsay, who actually assists Maria at weddings. Maria's neighbor and friend Camille came over to help out along with Maria's nephew, Mauricio for the last scene of the night.

BELOW IS A SLIDESHOW OF OUR SHOOT: Maria completely rocked this shoot, so much that I can't wait to shoot her again! Check out the slideshow if you dare... If you are a little shy, afraid of minor nudity or sexiness PLEASE DO NOT PRESS PLAY. You have been warned :)

Oh, and Happy 20th Anniversary to Maria and Roger Chang! I love you guys!
Here is sweet little commentary from Maria about the shoot:
Never, never, never in a million years did I dream that… at 38 years old and 155 pounds, having had two kids, with less than a perfect body… would I have the courage to expose myself by having a boudoir photography session.

Being the oldest daughter of a huge family, I’ve always had to be a responsible and reliable person. I am also very caring and a people pleaser so I tend to put myself last. All these years I’ve taken myself for granted, mother & wife but forgot the woman.

Never in my life have I placed so much attention on myself, in preparation for this photo shoot, I’ve done things that I never had the motivation to do before: I started eating right, going to the gym, going shopping for sexy things, taking care of my skin and hair… And practice my sexy poses in the mirror for hours. I noticed the obvious physical changes but I also found that I was changing my lifestyle and how it positively affected all those around me. I’ve always been a confident assertive woman but now I also feel vibrant, alive, and sexy!

Why did I decide to do this?

First, August 5th will be my 20th wedding anniversary. It has been so much fun seeing my husband eyes light up when he takes a peak at my photos. The kind of spark I so long ago first saw when we started dating 20 years ago. It has definitely sparked a new found passion in us, my husband LOVES the sexy new me! He definitely doesn’t mind if I spend a day at the spa getting beautified or if I go on a big sexy clothing shopping spree. He’s also taking great care of himself now!

Secondly, I did it for ME… and for other women like ME. Simple every day women who day dream of what it would be like to be a model for a day or wonder if there is a sexy woman inside somewhere. I now understand the symbolism of women burning their bras in the 60’s; they paved the way for women to have choices in their lives. Who knew taking off your bra can be so liberating!

Third, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to be photographed by my friend, hero and mentor: Jennifer Skog.
I am in awe of Jen’s mad skills and the ability she has to make you feel empowered and sexy. I LOVE my photos and I will surely treasure them for life… it is a constant reminder that I am alive!

And Lastly, I wanted to show our clients that we strongly believe in what we do and we wouldn’t make them do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves. I am very proud of the work we do and it is so rewarding when we get countless emails from our clients telling us how the photos changed their lives and they definitely want to repeat the experience. We’re coming after YOU next!
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