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Remodel: the bathroom

As most of you know, Scott and I purchased our first home last November. While this is a new house for us, it is FAR from being a NEW home! My family actually makes fun of me calling the house "Vintage" to make light of the situation that Scott and I have a ton of work ahead of us! So, our fist project was redoing our down stairs guest bathroom. As you can see from the {before} image below, the wallpaper was hideous and the wooden accents were a bit outdated. Not to mentioned they had a tan colored low boy toilet installed that my 6'2" husband refused to even attempt to use.

One of the things about our house that we fell in love with was it's charm, so being that it is our vintage home, we wanted to update the bathroom but hold onto it's charm with some classic elements. Being that I love black and white so much, we opted for that as our color scheme. Scott's dad pretty much gutted everything out and installed everything from the floor up (except the electrical which Scott did all by himself!). My best friend Jen, helped me search for the right decor and details. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

My next space is my studio meeting space - if only we could find the perfect chairs and rug!!!!



My sexy husband trying not to electrocute himself installing a fan.

A couple of the details... I didn't want it too girly or too masculine - I think we blended styles fairly well! Since our pedestal sink doesn't allow for much storage and we didn't like how a cabinet hanging from the wall closed the space up, we searched for another option to hold spare toilet paper. We found the perfect candle holder at Target! And the crystals are actually from my wedding :)

I love love love the mirror...

yes, my kitty, Paris, matches the room. Isn't she so cute! Little devil!

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