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Thi Cosmetics Test Shoot : Ania II

After we finished up at the studio, we headed to the Four Seasons in Palo Alto. All of these images we shot in one of their rooms. I love that we were able to get so many different looks in such a small space! As for Ania - she is a true chameleon, she completely owned every look - I think at one point I told her she could make a garbage bag look good! And for Taylor - man she works fast and her styling skills completely amazed me. She transformed every look in minutes.

The next Day Ania sent me the sweetest note. I just had to share :)

Good morning, Jennifer.
Taylor forwarded to me your letter with the images. YOU ARE SOMETHING!
I am extremely glad I got to meet and work with you.
I'd love to work with you in a future.
Jennifer, your work is greatly appreciated.
With my sister-in-law Lana I will spend sometime around - I want to get her altogether into actively working model. That's my main goal as of today :}
Thank you for showing the best example there could be for her on how things should be done - painless, gentle, on the very top, with relaxed attitude and great personality.
You impressed me in the best way possible.
Nice to meet you.
All the best.

p.s.: Lana and I spent an hour and a half browsing through your website. We laughed, cried and smiled every moment. Thank YOU for such a pleasure. Life is just a moment, and you, Jennifer, capture it beautifully!!!

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